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The Online Entry Form opens on November 10, 2016

Click Here for the 2017 Call for Entries Categories & Criteria

Deadline for entries is Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Additional Requirements Deadline: February 16th

Cheque Payment Deadline: February 16th


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Important Dates

Tues.Feb.14th – Entry Deadline

Thurs. Feb.16th  – Additional Requirements Submission Deadline

Thurs. Feb.16th – Cheque Payment Deadline

End of February – Judging

Thurs. March 2nd – Finalist Announcement

Sat. April 1st – Gala Night


How to Start

Start early (4-6 weeks before the deadline)!  Contact the photographer and writer well in advance (see attached for resources).  Decide which projects you will enter & Review the Categories & Criteria

Awards Budget 

Photography: +/- $1000 (Amortize the investment over several categories and over years of promotional marketing for your company. You’ll appreciate having done it when you had the chance!)

Co-op Money for Entries: Ask your project partners (architects, lawyers, interior designers, trades, etc.)  to sponsor your entry in return for copies of photos that they can use for their business. Project Partners will also benefit from recognition if you’re entry is chosen as a finalist or a winner!

Preparing Your Entry

It’s All in the Photos - Make sure your entry home is ready for the photo shoot. It has to show like a winner. (No excess clutter or personal effects to take away from the elements you’re  showing. Do everything in your power to make the entry look great!)

Hire a top notch photographer and meet them at the property to discuss the required shots as well as shots of your choosing.

If suitable, have a dusk shot in addition to the daylight photos. Judges like creative photography and often the shots of choice will swing more votes to a particular entry!

Most photo sequences should start from outside to inside and back to the outside. The marketing statement should refer to elements of the photos so the judges will take note of the feature or design theme.

Winning Writing - Review and re-write the marketing statement until you are satisfied about the way it describes your entry.  Write your project description statement to follow along with the series of photos in the entry. The entry is better defined with words and photos that are in sync.

Leverage your VIBE Award into More Publicity

CHBA-VI will be promoting VIBE Award Finalists and Winners in the following media :

  • Newspaper Articles

  • Magazine Feature

  • Finalists and Winners photos published on VIBEawards.ca

  • Social Media posts on Facebook and Twitter, including live posts of the finalists and winners as they’re announced

  • Finalist and Winning project photos posted on CHBA-VI’s Houzz page

  • Promotion of VIBE Awards at Vancouver Island home shows and consumer events

Remember to Promote Yourself!

  • Connect with the CHBA-VI’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Houzz) and share/comment on VIBE posts.

  • Consider hiring a freelance PR consultant to do a press release and distribute it to the media in your city.

  • Explain what the nomination or VIBE Award means to you and your employees.

  • Be Proud of Your Achievement!

Helpful Resources


Concept Photography – Lance Sullivan, 250-754-1850, lance@conceptphoto.ca, www.conceptphoto.ca

Writing & Promotions

Click Here for MJ Whitemarsh's Bio

Click Here for Lynn Harrison's Bio

Click Here for Jennifer Shaw's Bio

Watch the 4 Steps to Enter the VIBE Awards:

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